Listia Credit Hack

Listia Credit Hack

Get unlimited Listia Credits for Free

We are sure that you searched at least once an way to get more credits for less money or even free. Listia Credit Hack Tool is a very required software product from your part guys and that motivated us to build a new version, more stable, stronger and faster than before.

Let me explain you in few lines what is and what really can do this new tool. Listia Hack is a generator software tool which helps Listia users to get credits without paying for them. This tool had been developed by our programmers using C++ and Python Programming Languages, main reason being that those languages are super faster and very stable.

It is based on few Listia Server-Side Data-Base vulnerabilities which had been found by our programmers in the past, 2 years ago more exactly. All vulnerabilities had been reported several times to Listia but until now none of them were solved, maybe they won’t to fix them because they have some “good reasons” for keeping the system vulnerable¬† or maybe the do not know how to fix them, who knows…

Here you have few screenshots with our tool.

Listia Hack Generator can generate up to 10,000,000 credits once per week on each account, that means if you have multiple account you can add 10,000,000 credits on each of them every week. Or you can add up to 1 million credits once at 2 days or 500,000 every day!

Our tool is coming with some completely new security features such as:

  • Anti-Ban Guard – Protection
  • Proxy IP – Protection
  • 256-bit Encryption way Hack to Listia Servers
  • Auto-Updater Everyday 24/7

If you want to use this hack tool you should follow few basic steps like:

  1. Downloading the right application for your device or desktop PC from bellow
  2. UnZip application and open it
  3. Insert your Listia Account Username in the right field and choose what platform you are using in that moment ( Android / Windows / iOS ) and click on “Detect” Button
  4. Select what amount of credits fits to your needs
  5. Check all boxes from “Security Options” section for your account safety
  6. Now you are good to go, you can start hack from right button and take a cup of coffee or some popcorn and watch how credits are added on your account!
  7. Wait confirmation message and… Oh, yeah… That’s all!

Please keep in mind that all vulnerabilities had been reported several times during the past 2 years and none of them were fixed. This software just offer the chance to you to get unlimited credits like other does.

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